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NAKED Pro 40

NAKED Pro 40

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A 40% carbon edition of the famous Naked Pro as used by Senior Dutch International, Sander De Wijn. The Naked Pro 40 is one of the finest pro-bow sticks on the market. It has been engineered with Japenese Toray carbon and kevlar to give it superb stiffness and power but still with a great touch.

What sort of player is this for?

The Naked Pro is suitable for players of all positions but particularly good for quick, skilful attackers who like 3D skills.

Tech Specs

  • Bow type: Pro
  • Bow Position: 250mm
  • Bow Height: 24.5mm
  • Weight: 510-530gm
  • Balance Point: 39cm
  • Head Thickness: 20mm
  • Silica face
  • Carbon: 40% Toray®
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