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A.Life The Unique LB Outdoor Stick

A.Life The Unique LB Outdoor Stick

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  • The new Low Bow stick with an outstanding design is finally here to complete the stick range.
  • This type of hockey stick has a traditional low bow curve, it allows you to dragflick, to use long aerial passes and to use 3D skills to eliminate.
  • We have improved the structure and the design of the stick to ensure that the stick will match the highest standards. We have created a brand new cap mould and a unique design.
  • The stiffness combined the weight give a stunning result. The power is a strength of the Unique LB.
  • A traditional hockey stick made with 95 Carbon and Kevlar.

3 sizes (36,5/37,5/38,5)

  • Weight +- 530 g
  • Carbon 95 / Kevlar
  • Balance 39 cm +-
  • Maxi Head Shaft
  • Bow Position 20 cm
  • Curve 24.5 mm
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