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A.Life The Smooth Pro Outdoor Stick

A.Life The Smooth Pro Outdoor Stick

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  • A modern, design and dynamic mould to complete the range.
  • This new profile stick combines several things as a new bow placement which is more smooth than a classic Low Bow shape.
  • This stick remains in the Low Bow category. The stick suits players who are used to play with Low Bow shape without being the dragflicker specialist within your team.
  • We have added a new backhand powerzone area which is flatter. This area improves the impact with the ball when you hit with your backhand. For those who want to improve their backhand shot skills, this is for you.
  • The compound touchzone improves the touch and the feel for the « on-ball » situations.

A dynamic and modern hockey mould made with 95 Carbon and Kevlar.

3 sizes (36,5/37,5/38,5).

  • Touch Compound zone
  • Weight 550 gr
  • Carbon 95 : Kevlar
  • Balance 38 cm
  • Curve 24.5 mm
  • Bow Position 21 cm
  • Midi Head Shaft
  • Backhand Powerzone
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